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Business Startup Skills

Business Elevator Pitch

Children creating and presenting a business elevator pitch to a venture capital investor.

Ice-Cream Making Business

Children creating their own ice-cream flavours and selling them as a home-based business.

Online Marketing Strategies

Children using online tools such as Canva and video editing to build their own brand.

Nanotechnology Surface Sanitizer

Children learning to explain scientific facts for a product and becoming licensed distributors for the company.

Shoe Making Business

Children using their own designs to expand the shoe manufacturer’s market reach from Indonesia to other countries in Asia such as Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Commercial Making

F&B Commercial

Children designing and creating their own commercials for this long-established vegetarian oyster sauce company.

Online Lazada Commercial

Children learning to produce attractive advertisements for a top hardware online shop.

Online Pharmacy Commercial

Children using their social media skills to promote pharmacy services and products as brand ambassadors.

IT Related Industry

3D Animation Creation

Children learning to design their own 3D mascot for existing brands.

Robotic Sensor and Coding

Children upgrading online coding lessons to more fun and children-oriented.

Health and Environment

Covid-19 Hygiene Awareness

Children producing a personal and family hygiene awareness video.

Circular Economy

Children presenting themselves as young ambassadors to bring greater awareness of the circular economy to society.

Projects Winners

Lee Shun Hing

Forever Youth
Internship Award

Northern Light Studio

The Most Creative Award


Online Health Talk Award
(Valued at USD25)


Cash Voucher Award

CM Eco

Alpha 5
Young Ambassador Award

Project Kappa

Online Gaming Coding Lessons
(Valued at USD200 Each)

National Pharmacy

Joyce Mar
Cash Vouchers

Three-Tiers Ice-Cream

Team Magnum
Business Franchise
(Valued at USD7, 500)

Armor 8 Worldwide

Reseller License Award

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