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Most frequent questions and answers

AI Talent is an international enterprise and education platform provider.
Currently, we are available in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia and Philippines.

AI Talent programme provides training to inspire children to shape their corporate thinking skills and entrepreneurship attitude.

Our programs are flexible as it can be conducted both online and offline in-person depending on the circumstances. Classes will be conducted in a group of 5 children, for one hour per week.

The children will undergo tasks assigned by the Corporate Leaders. Our coaches will assist and guide the children to understand the assignments by hosting discussions to complete the task given.

The task is required to be presented in the form of video filming. Once children complete their work, we will upload their videos on AI Talent’s social media for comment and feedback from the Corporate Leaders.

A coach is only eligible to teach after they complete a training with our co-founder and child psychologist Dr. Nicholas Wong.

We collaborated with a variety of corporate companies such as Lee Shun Hing (Food industrial and Marketing) & Northern Light (2D/3D animation and character design). 

Children get exposed to more than 70 different industries according to their essential skills development and a chance to join the companies in the future. After completion of each project, children will receive diploma certification from respective Corporate Leaders and entrepreneurs.

Once the children’s work is published, Corporate Leaders and entrepreneurs will provide their feedback and comment for further improvement.

Previously, our children had a project with Northern Light (2D/3D animation and character design) that required them to design a character for a brand. They were tasked to create a personality and vitality for the respective characters. In the end, they were required to describe a story based on the brand characters they’ve created to the company.

For Coach

Most frequent questions and answers

Formal attire required (no pyjamas). No eating during classes and sessions.

Turning on the camera and microphone (when necessary) will assist the students to stay focused. It helps to create better engagement and connection with their coach and groupmates.

Responding to Corporate Leaders is beneficial in developing and improving the students’ communication skills and quick thinking. 

Students are not required to wear a mask and should be standing up during filming. We encourage students to dress formal and present in a professional manner as dressing informally in the video may present a low impression for the Corporate Leaders.

Our coaches’ responsibilities are to train and guide the students to come up with their individual ideas, supporting the students to develop critical thinking and creative skills respectively.

The coach is responsible to shape the students’ punctuality and self-discipline. Being able to meet a deadline is important as part of time management and it trains students to be accountable for their work.

Full name, age, house address and name of their school are not allowed to be mentioned in the video for privacy purposes.

No. As the students has committed to join AI Talent, they are expected to arrange and manage their time properly.

  1. Basic background in English language skills
  2. Social media skills such as video editing, use of Instagram, Facebook etc.)
  3. Open to learning new skills on the go

It is not compulsory for a coach in AI Talent to understand each and every project industries. A coach is only required to guide, manage and support students’ competency and capacity in each project.

The main job scopes involves management and ensuring smooth processes during students’ weekly sessions. The coach is required to ensure students’ safety during the project, assignment submission and timetable arrangements.

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